COVID-19: A Note to Our Clients and Followers

April 7, 2020 | by Carrie Capili

A Note to Our Clients and Followers

Business as usual has taken on a different meaning as organizations worldwide are navigating the current global health crisis. This is uncharted territory; however, there are virtual and flexible approaches that can be implemented to help mitigate such uncertain circumstances.

Here at PM Solutions and PM College, we’ve been utilizing the benefits of virtual services for more than 25 years. In order to support the current climate, we’re bringing you the best options to keep your organization's most strategic projects on time and on budget, to keep your employees learning and focused, and to keep accelerating your project management success no matter what the environment. We can help with the following:

Virtual Project Management Resources: Our resources are extremely flexible and have extensive experience operating in virtual environments. In order to avoid massive disruption of business, let us help you put in place the virtual team you need to succeed right now. Email our Business Development Director Matt Crawford for more information at

Virtual Training: With the current disruptions in the workplace, now is a good time to keep employee development initiatives moving forward with learners who may already be working from home. It’s also a great time to roll out a training initiative that you may not have been able to previously schedule. Our Business Development Director Johanna Mickel at has a portfolio of professional development options to support your organization’s unique needs.

On-Demand Webinar Archive: Take advantage of our library of webinars you can listen to any time from any location. Click here.

Social Media Support: Our editorial staff is aggregating and blogging about as many support resources as it can find and posting them for your access. Stay tuned to our LinkedIn, Facebook, PM Solutions Twitter, and PM College Twitter accounts for the latest thought leadership on navigating this crisis.

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