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June 2, 2020 | by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin

New research report details challenges, provides insights for change

We live in interesting times. Although the new research study officially released today, The State of Project Management 2020, was conceived of and designed last fall--a seeming lifetime ago!--the issues it frames, and the solutions offered, could not be more timely.

If your organization has struggled to realize the full benefits of a maturing project and program management process, you are not alone. Some of the challenges that beset organizations are perennial: over the course of 25 years, we have seen PMOs spread throughout sectors, yet the issue of resource management continues to plague even high-performing organizations. One positive aspect of the business disruptions of Covid-19 is that companies have been compelled to experiment with a variety of human resource management strategies, some of which will doubtless have a lasting impact on how organizations operate. (See: "Death of the Office" )

Another area where progress has been slow is in benefits realization management, and the link it provides between strategic planning and portfolio performance. A recent focus on this important practice area on the part of PMI has helped to spread the word, but as with any organizational change, the wheels turn slowly ... until a crisis makes the need evident, and then it is surprising how fast even large organizations can turn.

We welcome dialogue and questions about this new study; the links provided offer a free download of the research summary, and I am always available to respond to inquiries about the full report, or to dig deeper to help you find out how the information applies in your industry, company size, or department. And, as always, to those who participated in the study, our deepest appreciation.

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